Monday, August 13, 2007

The Spirit of '76...what happened??

Take a good look at this picture. I don't really know the history of this particular painting except that it's portrayed during the American Revolution...obviously during 1776..A wonderful year, by the way. What I see when I look at this picture is determination, perserverence, victory,'s a scene that says..."Nothing will keep us down!" Here you have three guys during a battle...they're tired, injured and at risk of death but what do they do???..they keep on going! They will not give up or give in...they have a job to do and a country to fight for. What's happened to this kind of spirit? ..the Spirit of '76? Now a days we have the spirit of the "wimp" in our government..everyone is so worried about offending someone else...what happened to "we'll do whatever we have to do to protect our country and see that we keep our American way of life...the American dream"? I don't know, just seems like we're more about political correctness than doing what is RIGHT and TRUE and DECENT. The Spirit of '76 would be apalled and disgraced if they could see their America now..the country they fought for, the country that stole their hearts, the country they died for. Now a days we have a government who is more concerned with how much power and money they can aquire..sad, very sad. No one's worried about the people who make this country great...the blue collar workers, the soldiers,... but they're worried about things like..."how much money and power can we can we have if we give up America as we know it, as she was supposed to be, to form a North American Union"? "Let's give her up because we're SELFISH!!" It makes me sick! Our Fore Fathers would be dismayed and ashamed to know what their wonderful America has become and is becoming. We need to fight for her once again just like the Spirit of '76..only this time we're fighting our own government and big business...a real shame, a terrible shame.

Come on America...I know there are those of you out there like me with that same spirit..The Spirit of '76...let's fight for our Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!


Yoke UP said...

You Rock Girl, so right ON. We need to get back to what founded this country and quit trying to please everyone, which gives our enemy the edge.. We need our Real Americans to stand up and fight for what is right... be blessed always,

Caroline said...

Amen to that Yokeup! This country has turned into a country of wimps who don't want to offend. They're more concerned about other countries than their own..what's happend???

Anonymous said...

!!! Exactly !!! WIMPS! LETS SPEAK OUT about this GREAT Country we LIVE in. Meheco stay down, you dont want none of this!!-Candy remain up there high in the jar- out of reach of harms way. Cause all hell will break loose if these US borders get removed.

We are the United States of America, and personally , I dont do name changes!

Speaking of WIMPS- I would love to "CLEAN HOUSE" and put some FRESH leaders in the cabinet TODAY! Leaders that really want to protect and take care of this country - for the people.

Now please give me FIVE so I can calm down-

Caroline said...

You go DT! I love that...."I don't do name changes"!!! Right on bro! ..and I don't do open borders...what the heck is wrong with this country?? Lo five, high five..whatever you want brother!

Jahan said...

Long live my grandfather's old, White America!