Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sadly, Most Have Forgotten What This Country was founded on....


Yoke UP said...

Amen, this is the truth, our Founding Fathers would have never have imagined the detour we've taken... But God will make all things right... Trust Jesus Christ.

Caroline said...

Yokeup...Amen to that! God see's all and know's all...He's got it covered!

Jahan said...

Respectfully, I have to disagree with this.

Mexico has an abundance of religion and God-belief.

Why didn't it prosper, as well?

Why are Haiti and Brazil, utter disasters?

Both the leaders and populations of those countries are religious and God believing - it doesn't seem to have helped them.

Plenty of countries and cultures claim divine origin - none of them has produced what America has produced.

As someone who has lived in a Third World Country, I have to say that one important ingredient that America had, that Mexico, Haiti, or Brazil lacked, was not only the ideas on which it was founded - but the people who founded it.

In my opinion, White people, and Western civilization - with their unique values, that are not all derived from religion - are the basis and foundation of America.

Long live old America!