Friday, August 10, 2007

Diner Food???...YUM!

Oh boy, what can I say about diner food except that it's yummy? Well, a lot! Oh man, Diner food is just that, diner food. It's classic comfort food at it's best. It can make us feel all warm and cozy inside by bringing back memories of our past...even a past that we may not have had but wished we had. It evokes a time long gone....decades past when workers and teenagers, couples, famlies and friends would stop at the diner for dinner, lunch, breakfast, or just to have a hot cup of coffee and talk about what happened during their day. Ok, let's get to the actual food! Well, when most of us think of diners, we think of burgers and fries, meatloaf and mashed potaoes, pancakes and sausage, eggs, bacon and grits....oh, I'm getting hungry now! Oops, let's not forget the milkshakes and sodas! There's just something about diner food that says says Blue Collar, it's says hard work...not only for the ones eating it but for the ones making and serving it. Diner food just has a way of bringing us back to our mom's kitchen when we were kids and the smell of homemade pie waiting for us. Ahhh, diner food...ya gotta love it..who wouldn't??

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