Friday, August 10, 2007

Roooooad and Highway Signs....I can't get enough!

Let's see, the Road Sign, the Highway sign....what more could we want to look at as we travel the highways and byways of the good 'ol U S of A?? They are our highway navigators....they are the lighthouses of the road...they keep us going in the right direction, along the right path..they get us where we want to be. To me, there's something very comforting about a highway sign. They make me feel, well.....good. They bring thoughts of the open road, truckers, small towns, big cities, old diners, truck stops, good food, and places that have long since gone away..towns and establishments alike. I can't seem to find all the right words on how they make me feel, Like I said, they just make me feel....good... and nostalgic. I love to look at all of them, from interstate signs to highways, to junctions to spurs, to rural roads. They make me feel ......oh, I don't know. Good.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness- ROADSIGNS--- very addicting! GREAT BLOG SISTA!

Anonymous said...

again, another thing that stands out when sriving- THE "1" MILE sign...YOUR THERE! YOU MADE IT!

Caroline said...

I'm with ya DT...the "One Mile Sign"...We're here!!!!

Thanks brother!