Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The American Trucker

Ahhhhh, the American Icon of the open road, an American classic....a Legend. This country needs it's Truckers like a Diner needs a good can't have one without the other. Without 18 rollin' from coast to coast this county would come to a screeching halt! It would be like pullin' the Jake Brake on America....STOP! We need our Truckers....they are a force we cannot live without. They are vital to the American Dream....They are, America! "Thank you" to the Truckers, who keep 18 and America rollin'!


Anonymous said...

You got that right, whats hard to imagine , is that these truckers keep rolling everyday- Not more than 2 days ago I was talking to my Dad here in Tampa. Well IM still here, but DAD, hes in St Louis now... GOT TO APPRECIATE THAT! Its not easy.

When we ( the people) go on vacation and come back- we talk about it for MONTHS, WOW.... "Orlando was fun!!! Let me tell you about it"...These truckers do city after city everyday, IM sure with a story about each one. They would be talking to you forever, if they had the time to stop and talk!

Keep it rollin Caroline- love those pictures!

Caroline said...

DT...You are so right man, those truckers have tons of stories..I wish we could hear 'em all! I'm glad you like the blog..I really felt a need to do this, especially with the Superhighway coming...I'm so afraid America as we know it, and knew it, is nearly gone. It's very sad but this blog is the America I know and love!

Thanks bro!

Anonymous said...

Caroline from what I gathered, it will take atleast 50 years to build this monster to its designed plan. PLENTY OF TIME TO FIGHT IT , if AMERICA STARTS NOW!

Caroline said...

Ok,..but let's not waste anytime America...let's stop this highway..NOW!

Thanks DT...keep the insight comin'!

Yoke UP said...

Ok, let's start this off by giving credit to the picture... This truck is Frank the Tank. Jeff drove it around the Northwest delivering groceries hauling double reefers out of Spokane, WA to Troy MT, Clarkston, WA, Dayton, WA and back.... Frank was a shaker, and would get up and motor around the palouse.. He was an awesome ride and the elk guard up front made him look extremely tough.

Caroline said...

yokeup...So sorry! I didn't give Frank the Tank the credit he deserves...Frank, you're an awesome truck and have done a wonderful job!

You have made yokeup proud and he's look very tough with you're cool elk guard!!:)