Friday, February 15, 2008



Anonymous said...

This picture, reminds me of a time in Wisconsin, far from home. This girl talked me into coming back to her home ( 120 miles). I think I told you the time I spent the summer in the Dells... a highend resort in Wisc.. Well, the only way there was by Greyhound, and it stopped miles short of her house.

CORNFIELDS, thats all I remember, along with a traintrack going right infront of her driveway.

Im a UrbanCitySlicker, if there no concrete, I dont get it! The first train that came by that day, was the most amazing thing I saw in a long time. I havent seen one since, that authentic. No AMTRACK, this was a real train, rusty looking thing. I remember the tracks. This was REAL AMERICA.

Its amazing, I still talk to her father every now and then- he trusted me, she was the wild one. I was only 17- rule #1 was always meet the parents. The rest came easy .

The town was Bagley Wisconsin... interesting stat this is , Population (year 2000): 339. Estimated population in July 2006: 340 (+0.3% change)

This number hasnt changed at all! What also attracted me to this town, besides her was, the fact it was the smallest town I ever been in- located right on the Wisc- Iowa line, great memories!

I eventually had to come back home, all the way HOME- this is where a love story usually has its closing chapters. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. We struggled to make it work, but this story was no exceptions. The MILES ended it 3 months later.

I often wonder, where she is now.

Hats off to Bagley, Wisconsin- REAL AMERICA at her finest!

Caroline said...

DT, that is suchj a great story, bro. I always finds myself captivated with your should write, men!! Seriously!! I'm glad the picture brought you back to WI:)

Caroline said...

sorry for the typos..I should always check before I post!!:)

Anonymous said...

typos are ok sista, we be from the south, ya' hear!

Come on now- look at the last picture and post- back in Feb?????? We need more, more, more! (please)

Anonymous said...

OK Sista, IM giving you a challenge! Since you seem to get them all the time, hahaha. I want your best picture skills on this project.

We all seen "Alligator on the Zipper", now heres the challenge. Put together your thoughts and bring this movie to life, by reproducing it in one photo.

I want to see if its close to my picture that Im going to take. When we both have one, we post it, same day.

You have the rest of the year to out "ZIP" me . Let me know when your ready. No trick photography, hit me with your best shot- flash away!

If theres no reply by the end of the year, I'll take it you wasnt up to the challenge. As a result,I remain title holder for 2008.