Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Looking For A Cozy Fixer Upper?


Anonymous said...

love the shadows in this pic, and the the shades of light

sweet pic- Caroline

Anonymous said...

I didnt realize til I blew this pic up, that this house is completely over water... It doesnt look too safe! Maybe its the time to BUY! :)

Anonymous said...

Sis, i took this pic and made it my background, let me tell you something, you must shot very high quailty, cause it filled my 24 in screen , and its not stretch at all, the quaility is just as good onm the complete screen- amazinfg camera you have, this makes an awesome background for any computer.-

Maybe thats something you should look into , background material!

Anonymous said...

Sis, guess what, I feel Canyon Bay off this picture- its off the main road, but the colors and the house.

maybe thats why Ive been looking at it forever, its really a very kool pic, and more and more i see Canyon Bay-

yup- you shot it and didnt even know it!

Caroline said...

Awesome comments, DT! Thank you! I'll have to look a little deeper at it and see what's there:) Thank you and the camera is just a little kodak..I'd love to get a really good one! This one is 8 or 9 meg pixels, I think.

Love ya!

Sista C:)